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Stuck in the States – World Traveler Ready to Go But Needs Dough

Stuck in the States

God Almighty help me!

Get me out of America please

I must see the world for which

My young and tender heart bleeds

So many beautiful, delightful countries

To behold, explore, enjoy, and see

Meanwhile I work here tirelessly

Meaninglessly to pay bills endlessly

Thus far my feet have touched

Over 50 islands and 50 countries

All powerful God please finance me

To explore the world You created

My soul is forever focused and fixated

On touching and traveling the world

A wonderful world you made indeed

Global exploration is nutrition I need

Upon this my heart does always feed

Therefore come quickly with Godspeed

Uplift, remove and take me far away

So I can feel my heart again beyond

American merchandising and consumerism

Endless greed, fraud, rhetoric, and materialism

The nations of the world, even war torn nations

Are far more enjoyable and pleasurable for me

Because at least there they are real and not phony

Therefore come sweet Savior and take away me

Provide for me and captivate my wife’s heart equally

So I can be on my way without her fearful hesitation

My heart yearns to touch, see, and experience every nation! – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of 17 books including “Poems That Propel the Planet”

Invite Paul to speak in your city and cultivate a global awareness. –


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