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Broke, But Rich in Love

Broke, but rich in love

Thank the Lord God above

For this I merrily think of

When the bills are mounting

The creditors continually collecting

The interest rates rapidly accruing

The car falling apart and rusting

My body aging and hair graying

The house needing a good painting

The air conditioner strangely squeeking

The food in the refrigerator quickly going

Our insurance premiums surprisingly growing

All of these concerns and cares do continue

Nevertheless when I happily behold you!

My stresses fade and my day is now made

All heaviness of heart is replaced with gladness

All sorrow is swallowed up with your radiance

Your smile soothes my soul and makes me whole

Your touch transcends my troubles and renews me

Your gentle words comfort and tenderly nourish me

Lifting me to a much higher place full of divine grace

Reminding me that God above will surely let me taste

The promised land as I daily embark to see His face

With steadfast patience and faith run this lifelong race

My darling with you I can endure everything and boldly chase

My noble dreams and desires with burning unquenchable fire

Delighting in you as we together walk hand in hand through

Trials and tribulations, no matter our socio-economic station

Because unconditional love sustains and brings transformation

Therefore I rejoice in my inner wealth, not outward accumulation.

Paul F Davis – author of Poems That Propel the Planet and several other books




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