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USAA Economic Crimes, Deceptive Trade Practices – Complaint to Florida Attorney General

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Honorable Attorney General of Florida Bill McCollum,

Since being hit by a drunk driver on the afternoon of July 8, 2008 my auto insurer USAA has done some things that give me room for concern.

1. Withholding comparable vehicles histories used on the CCC Valuescope report

When USAA insured customer Paul F Davis asked USAA for the histories of the vehicles being used on the CCC report to calculate / compare and compute his car’s value, Davis received an unusual denial and revealing reply:

“We do not request vehicle history for the vehicles listed in CCC.  The vehicles listed are a small sampling of many vehicles used to establish the value.” — USAA Claims Service Director Chris Gonzalez

Davis in turn immediately replied:

July 28 2008

Dear Mr. Chris Gonzalez,

“…Although USAA does not request vehicle history for the vehicles listed in the CCC report, I am requesting such as your insured to whom you have a fiduciary duty. Anything less I shall deem a breach of said duty.

As a matter of policy for USAA to withhold the vehicles histories that they use to compare to the vehicle they are attempting to value and replace is highly suspect and very deceptive.”

2. USAA has provided no documentation as to how they calculate the “salvage value” of the vehicle they claim is a total loss and want the title to, while issuing a “salvage value” at $655.53.

3. I was led to believe over the phone by USAA reps when I commenced the policy that it was a “replacement policy” offering me a similar or like quality vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Mr. Gonzalez himself by phone on July 29th, 2008, left a message stating that I would receive $6,290.75 “upon replacement of this vehicle, when you purchase your next vehicle”.

Hence the confusion as it has been reiterated in the past and present that there is a “replacement” policy on my vehicle.

Florida’s Valued Policy Law requires the insurance provider to ascertain the insurable value at the time of writing the policy, not every 6 months thereafter when the insurer decides to subtly modify the policy.

Independent auditors and contractors throughout the country (Colorado in particular) working for states’ departments of regulatory agencies division of insurance have affirmed in “Market Conduct Examination Reports” that USAA has a history of misrepresentations, false advertising, making false, misleading statements concerning insurance policies, and deceptive practice in the business of insurance.

False information and statements made by USAA phone reps later retracted in a declaration page denying such coverage is inexcusable even when it occurs by reason of USAA’s “computer system errors”.

As for me, I have relied upon what I was initially verbally told over the phone by the USAA rep when I commenced the policy – that being a replacement policy of similar quality or kind of vehicle.

Please kindly intervene to prevent further economic hardship to the people of Florida and ongoing RICO Act violations by which the insured are being deceived, misled, and defrauded.

At present this whole claims process with USAA has proven utterly demoralizing, emotionally exhausting, and a vexation of spirit.


Paul F Davis



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