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Delta Airlines Complaints by Frequent Flyers

Delta Airlines complaints by frequent flyers disregarded by Delta Airlines customer service relations. Frequent flyers complaints delta ignores.


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Xulon Press Author Complaints at Better Business Bureau Question Christian Publisher Quality

“Christian Publisher” Xulon Press is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, neither have they effectively and ethically handled all of their complaints according to Debra and Michael Copeland.  The former Xulon Press clients wrote me stating their complaint and difficulties with the publisher.

Debra and Michael urge any disgruntled authors to file a complaint with the BBB


It seems Xulon Press 10 complaints, 4 in the past year.

Considering 10 complaints have been filed, this is reason for concern and precaution before using the publisher. Publishers doing outstanding work and providing authors exceptional service don’t get complaints filed against them in the first place.

It seems Xulon Press is not scoring good marks with the general public, neither with the Better Business Bureau. Write and call the EPCA and Christian Booksellers Association asking them whey they allow Xulon Press to remain a member with them and continue to disappoint authors.

Paul F Davis – author of 4 books done with Xulon “Supernatural Fire”; “Poems That Propel The Planet”; “Adultery 101”; and “Are You Ready For True Love?”





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Tom Freiling and Xulon Press – Bad Reports to Better Business Bureau

I received an email this week with another complaint against Xulon Press – who published 4 of my books and proved to be a bit sneaky and phony as to publicity they advertised, promised, and sold me that they later provided far less than that which they pitched and profited from.



Here’s the latest scandal on Xulon Press below I just was emailed below:


“My husband and I saw your web log about Xulon press and I am so happy that you are speaking out against them. They did the same thing to us. In 2002 my husband’s uncle Billy ( Billy Barty) was being featured on an A/E biography.

Because my husband and I were both Christians we sought out a Christian publisher so that we could have our tribute book done in a reasonable time frame. Many well known celebrities had participated. Tom Freiling had no problem taking our money for the best sellers program along with all of the extra fee’s that came along with it. After reading all their hype we thought they were a company with integrity. We have had nothing but heartache from them from the get go.

I pray that others will see your weblog. Recently we filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. We have had very little money from them and the last time they said they owed us 39.00 which we never received. This company definitely does not promote Christian ethics nor does it answer phone calls or e-mails when there is a problem that arises. If you need our support, count us in.

I went on BBB of Central Florida. Xulon has evidently had 9 complaints and three this past year. I hope others will come forward.”

God Bless, Debra and Mike Copeland

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