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$700 Billion Bailout from U.S. Government for Wall Street Credit Default Swaps Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction

The U.S. government, rather than buying preferred stock in the failing banks and companies (like billionaire Warren Buffet who bought $5 billion worth of Goldman Sachs) to protect taxpayers and gov’t investment, opted to buy the defaulted loans and rubbish from the financial institutions’ basements.

As Wall Street tycoons and Washington insiders fade away with their millions before the entrance of a new presidential administration, the American people are wondering what is going on? Of course the Cngressional appropriations bill hasn’t been made available for the common people to read in detail. The extent of the secrecy and $150 billion worth of sweeteners to get Congressional representatives opposing the bill to sign on should tell us something. 

Buy gold and Euros before the dollar dies indefinitely.





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