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Domain Transfer Fraud 1and1.com – The Worst Domain Service Provider on the Planet

Don’t be fooled by www.1and1.com They have sweet Philippinos servicing their disgruntled customers calls, but being kind, nice, and polite doesn’t fix the problem. 

The slick and sly computer programmers at 1and1.com (at the request and command of their owners) have created a separate cancellation website to further complicate the domain transfer / cancellation process. Moreover when you try to cancel a contract or transfer a domain they have encoded an error message at the end of the series of screens to override any previous attempts by you the user to cancel / transfer the domain.

Lastly to further slow the process at length, 1and1.com will also send you a series of emails which you must confirm before they cancel / transfer your domain.

Basically the modus operandi is to debit your credit card until Jesus comes and never let your business go (against your will as a consumer). Bait and switch baby all the way!

If you are irate and persistent to get through all the polite pleasantries and B.S. in the Philippines to get someone in America, you will go through another layer of insulation.  I told the employees in the Philippines and the kind hearted, good intentioned African American working for 1and1.com to tell their friends to stop working for the company so they could keep a clean conscience.

The employees dealing with the general public are polite and somewhat helpful, but the higher ups running the mafia like organization are deceptive and highly unethical. As I said if you can push through all the B.S. and get to the supposed higher ups who are too cowardly to provide you their first and last name…..you will probably speak to a guy who calls himself “Mr. Damian”

Good luck with that!

Oh and by the way, enjoy the consistent, repeated, and forever continual error message on 1and1.com’s cancellation website if you are suckered into buying their inexpensive domains on your entry in……no escape on the way out….other than to cancel the credit card you gave them….and fight like hell for your domain transfer or cancellation.

Here’s the infamous 1and1.com message:

The request could not be fulfilled.
Please do not navigate in your configuration menu by using the “Forward” and “Back” buttons of your Browser, nor open another window of your browser while in the configuration menu ”


Please join with me in filing a class action lawsuit against 1and1.com for all the hell they’ve put us through!

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a consumer fraud complaint with your Congressmen mentioning 1and1.com’s violations of the RICO Act.





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1and1.com auto renewal cancellation policy – fraud, complicated, and poor customer service

http://www.1and1.com with whom I have 34 domains, many of which I have switched from http://www.GoDaddy.com does not offer clean and crisp easy access to your domain names status.  That is unlike with GoDaddy you cannot easily all in one clean listing see the status and expiration dates of your domains.

In an effort to keep ongoing business and continually bang out credit card debits into eternity, 1and1.com likes to hid their auto renewal page in another website altogether and thereby intentionally complicate matters.

The site is http://www.cancel.1and1.com

Then you have to go to the top left and click “cancel” after which you click the link that says “cancel & cancel additional items”

This will finally bring you up to your domains where you can remove the “auto renewal” feature.

1and1 cleverly keeps their customers by making another website to go to in order to simply stop the auto renewal feature, then they conceal and scare customers into thinking they will be altogether cancelling the domain (when they simply want to stop the auto renewal feature).

Many lose heart and simply just leave the domain on auto renewal at this point, but if you persevere you indeed can stop the auto renewal.

A lot of trouble considering GoDaddy makes it way easy.  Upon calling tech support at http://www.1and1.com about my 34 domains with them, I asked to consolidate all packages into one, but the tech was too lazy to do that for me and refused.

Neither would she cancel any of my domains.  To add to the nightmare when cancelling a domain not only to you have to endure the above process at 1and1.com but you also thereafter have to click through your inbox email confirming the cancellation (that is if you even receive it).

When I had one domain transfer that didn’t go through from GoDaddy, I asked 1and1 tech support to tell me if there were any others. The lady “Sheryl” rep.3729 told me “That will take several minutes to look in each one.”

I replied, “I don’t care! I pay your company several dollars every month for domains. Do it!”

She reluctantly did so and didn’t provide very good service because she had to comply with all of 1.and1.com’s goofy policies to slow down customer cancellations and discontinuing a mere auto renewal.

Paul F Davis – international speaker, author, and consumer advocate




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