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Xulon Press, Townhall Press, & Salem Communications – Not All Authors Are Not Created Equal

Xulon Press and Townhall Press reveal that for Salem Communications all authors are not created equal.



It’s not about family, but the money. Hence some authors get better publicity than others, though all pay the same. Government at the Brink, Fred Thompson’s new book is such an example.

I received an email blast advert from Xulon Press and Townhall Press (“where your opinion counts”) in October, 2007 promoting political candidate Fred Thompson’s new book Government at the Brink.

I know little about Thompson, but concerning Xulon Press (who has published 4 of my books) I know they don’t treat all of their authors equally. Xulon and Townhall Press are owned by parent company Salem Communications, which says it treats everyone like family.

Here’s why I disagree.

1.) Xulon Press authors must deal with people by email rather than over the phone throughout the editorial process when developing their books. The one exception is the guy who ships out book orders, when a sale is involved.

2.) When you pay for a press release with Xulon, which they tell you could get you on Oprah or Larry King, you are being lied to.

The press release is web based only and the cheapest of the 4 packages PRWeb offers meaning there is no national exposure whatsoever. Xulon doesn’t tell its authors that when they sell the illusion and grandeur of publicity.

3.) E-blasts are only given to very influential and powerful people who can sell more books and increase Salem’s profit margins.

When I spoke to Xulon’s director of acquisitions and operations about receiving the same kind of E-blast for the 4 books I published and purchased publicity for with Xulon, I was told Fred Thompson’s book was a “special case”. In other words, though I published 4 books with Xulon, I wasn’t important and profits are prioritized over fair treatment of all authors. Thompson, a political candidate with more visibility, is more financially promising. Hence Fred alone, unlike other Xulon authors, get the extra publicity push.

4.) Your time and lost opportunities (time is money you know) don’t matter to Xulon.

I only learned of Xulon’s shady “publicity” packages through the back door when months later I inquired as to what PR firm they were using and proceeded to buy a press release. While examining PR Webs services and my former press releases done by Xulon, I learned Xulon Press had only bought the lowest and cheapest of four publicity packages offered by PR Web when marketing my books.

Upon confronting Xulon and requesting a full refund for all books by reason of opportunities lost (like I never found myself on Oprah or Larry King, which would have made my book sales extremely profitable), they merely appeased me and gave me a $120 for each press release they didn’t properly fulfill.

In other words they threw chump change at me to make me go away. Xulon never acknowledged I as an experienced author chose them in the first place because of the promised publicity — which if done properly I deem invaluable and priceless. When Xulon falsely purported and misrepresented their publicity package to create a hopeful illusion, I considered the publicity sufficient to generate ample sales to recuperate my publishing investment.

That never happened. Instead years of my life have been wasted and countless opportunities squandered by publishing with Xulon.

I am therefore warning all authors lest you too be suckered and seduced by false advertising. Ask questions and do your homework. Publishing is a profitable business and the buyer must beware.



Paul F Davis – author of “Supernatural Fire”; “Adultery 101″; “Are You Ready For True Love?”; and “Poems That Propel The Planet” all published with Xulon Press



Paul F. Davis is a worldwide minister who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 14 books. Thanks to his own genius and publicity, Paul has appeared on Oprah & Friends, Fox News Radio, and Playboy Radio among many other shows to promote his books.

Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, and reconciles nations.



Contact Paul for a book consultation if you are a serious author willing to invest in your future. Knowledge is power, time is money and your life’s work is precious. Design a publicity package that will produce for your book and maximize your message.

Paul’s primary passion is writing and international speaking, but will consider helping a few promisng authors with projects of interest who pay him well.

Paul is the author of 14 books emowering people to love passionately & live fearlessly.


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