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John Brucato and Johnny’s Towing Bad Business Practices – Auto Body Shop

Beware of John Brucato and Johnny’s Autobody Inc. – Shop and Towing

230 S Industrial Dr
Orange City, FL 32763

Beware of doing business with Johnny’s Towing and Autobody Inc. in Orange City, Florida. They have some highly questionable business practices, which many may deem bad and unethical. They also lack professionalism pertaining to standard and customary business practices.

I had my Honda taken from me in Deland on July 8, 2008 by the police against my will after I was hit by a drunk driver who was taken to jail. My car was kept at Johnny’s Auto Shop for 3 days, but they charged me for 4 days when I arrived at 9am to pick up the car on the morning of July 11th. Johnny’s refused to show me an itemization of charges and demanded cash before they would give me an itemized invoice and my car. Surprisingly, Johnny wouldn’t let me take any of my personal items (like breath mints) out of my car. Johnny and his secretary were too ashamed to give me their names when I asked and were quite rude, evasive, and secretive. It kind of gave me the feeling that they knew they were up to no good and were always trying to cover their tracks.

They refused my minister’s tax exemption with the state of Florida. After paying $331.52, Johnny refused to allow me and my mechanic next door into his storage yard (which is marked “not responsible for vehicles or contents”). Johnny wanted $55 to move my car 20 yards on to the street so my mechanic could make an estimate. Refused to allow me to park my rental car in his massive empty parking lot, nor to wait in his lush AC office lobby while AAA took 2 hours to come. So I had to wait outdoors in the hot sun.

Johnny has big jugs of water from Crystal Springs but wouldn’t give me a cup. Johnny wanted to charge me $25 to use his bathroom and $25 for a legible copy of the invoice to be mailed me – having no ink for the copier initially providing me a very poor faded copy of the invoice, which could hardly be seen.

Upon walking around a bit and talking to Johnny’s neighbors, I also discovered Johnny is disliked by some businessmen on his street. Auto Work next door told me, “Johnny’s Auto Body is unprofessional in their approach. He treats people unfair and his neighboring businesses.”

Auto Works are some very nice guys next to Johnny’s Auto Shop. Auto Works told me that Johnny called the police on a woman who’s battery died in front of his shop to have her arrested and her car removed. Auto Works next door told me Johnny complains about the grass when they mow it and any cut grass gets blown over into his side. 

Ramirez Auto, a stone’s throw from Johnny’s shop, told me this about Johnny:

“Since we changed locations to the new workshop, he treats us like Hispanic idiots just because we’re unable to understand or speak the English language. We have enough education to say, ‘Good Morning’ and believe in the sincerity of people. We feel very badly when they do not answer us and look at us badly us treating us like Hispanic idiots.”



I found other safety concerns about Johnny online, given traffic violation citations I saw documented at the Volusia County website against him and his company.  

I encourage you to add your complaints here as well and most importantly with the Better Business Bureau.

May 14, 2006 post by a disgruntled customer on http://yellowpages.superpages.com/reviews/userreviews.jsp?SRC=local&LID=WUKb0eGfQcshe8BI6qt66A%3D%3D&PI=1&CID  said below:

Lied to. Would not release my vehicle for 3 days.Told police they were closed.Should lose privledge
advertised as open 24 Hrs. Towed vehicle after a arrest on a Fri. night. Were told by DeLand P.D. to release car…. advertised as open 24 Hrs. Towed vehicle after a arrest on a Fri. night. Were told by DeLand P.D. to release car. Said they would call me on Sat. Never did. I called 20x and was told they will not open till Mon. And will add money because I “aggravated them”. I will be suing in civil court. They were also not on they Counties rotation to tow vehicles. I lost 2 days of work and they charged me 2 extra days of storage.  


Send any additional complaints you have about Johnny’s auto body and towing to RevivingNations@yahoo.com ……state in your complaint that you authorize Paul F Davis to post these complaints on your blog to notify and alert the general public and consumer.



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