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Merriann Metz Publix Legal Counsel Bad Faith

Merriann Metz Publix Legal Counsel Bad Faith

Merriann Metz, legal counsel for Publix, and her predecessor John Attaway, embrace food safety violations, consumer fraud and negligence as an acceptable business practice at the Fortune 100 grocery store.

As a Florida born citizen pursuing the health and wellbeing of my fellow Floridians and Americans across the many states where Publix grocery stores are based and operate, I was appalled by the several food safety violations I encountered when shopping at the Publix in Orlando, FL (located on Curry Ford Road and Conway Road). To add insult to injury, quite shockingly, Publix showed no remorse for its blatant disregard of public health, neither giving me an apology thereafter, nor any settlement whatsoever to right its wrongs.

Among the many food safety violations Publix has ignored and in bad faith denied, refusing to acknowledge my injuries, pain and suffering as a result of their negligence are the following:
– Publix frozen cherries containing several cherry pits which damaged my teeth (although the product packaging claimed the cherries were without pits).
– Maggots in a rotisserie chicken, which I ate over half of, before finding the maggots in the bird.
– Rotten apples and garlic (the latter quite shocking as the shelf life for garlic is usually several weeks).

As a personal friend to one of Florida’s largest citrus supplier to Publix, I have been told in conversations that Publix buys produce and thereafter refrigerates and stores it to use for several months after the acquisition of said produce (making it unhealthy and questionable as to its freshness). I have personally seen rotten oranges and apples on Publix shelves and in bags for sale at Publix supermarkets for years.

I also have walked and rode my bicycle behind Publix grocery stores from Orlando to Homestead, FL and spoken to employees who verify having seen rats and cockroaches around the entry points wherein Publix brings food into its grocery stores.

As to the financials regarding my injuries, beyond the pain and suffering, along with the exposure to maggots which I ingested that can forever hinder and infest my digestive and immune systems impairing long-term bodily functions; the quantifiable is as follows. My dentists in Orlando, FL and California who both examined my teeth, told me repairs will range from $8,000 to $10,000 …but the repairs themselves are only guaranteed to last for up to 10 years and often need additional work thereafter every 10 years.

I provided these images and dental reports to Publix claims adjusters, but was ignored and my claim denied.

I understand Mr. John Attaway has retired and been succeeded by Mrs. Merriann Metz. Yet both have proven to be heartless and unwilling to right the wrongs of Publix when customers suffer injuries due to the grocer’s and its employees’ negligence. Therefore I urge consumers not to waste their time contacting claims adjusters at Publix, but rather aggressively litigate and launch a CLASS ACTION against Publix for bad faith and ongoing gross negligence.

As an educator who has earned Master degrees in Health (U of Alabama) and Global Food Law (Michigan State College of Law), along with having written books on the topic; I am deeply passionate about the health and public safety. Therefore all financials aside, I am happy to serve as an expert witness in any future litigation against Publix and welcome government agencies or any consumer to contact me for assistance.

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Thank you consumers, health officials and government agency leaders for all you do to keep Florida consumers safe and our food products up to the quality as advertised by grocers.

Keep Publix and its legal counsel Merriann Metz honest. Remember for profit corporations and their legal counsel rarely see the light until they first feel the heat.

May the unquenchable all-consuming fiery passion and truth of God be with the righteous to hold the wicked to account.

Paul F. Davis


Paul F. Davis is an International Educator (licensed in FL and CA), Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Wellness Trainer, UCLA certified University & Career Counselor and Author of 90 books who has touched 90 nations serving Churches, the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines, and Universities across the globe.

Merriann Metz Publix Legal Counsel Bad Faith


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