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Continental Airlines Negligence & Poor Customer Service: CO82371 London to Newark 28JUL09

Continental Airlines Negligence & Poor Customer Service: CO82371 London to Newark 28JUL09

DO1Q1C   /    CASE # 4148356 

Continental Customer Care

900 Grand Plaza Drive


Houston, TX 77067
Dear Continental Airlines Customer Care,

As a frequent flyer (PF637396) who has accumulated well over 150,000 miles on your airline I am ashamed of your poor customer service, negligence and the unprofessional manner by which you have been treating me and my wife during the dispute resolution process.

The itinerary D01Q1C you scheduled below for my wife and I caused us to miss a flight from London to Newark.

Although Air Italia was kind enough to put us on the front of the plane to ensure we could get to the connecting flight CO8237 (via Virgin Atlantic – see below) upon arriving 45 minutes prior to the 8:25pm departure on July 28th, Virgin Atlantic would not issue us a boarding pass saying we had to be there at least an hour prior to departure as mandated by law in Healthrow airport.

Therefore we had to stay the night in London and incur additional expenses (hotel, transport, food), which Virgin Atlantic informed us was due to Continental Airlines negligence and oversight.

We therefore need to be reimbursed $500 for hotel, transport and food expenditures incurred as a result of Continental Airlines negligence.

I just phoned and spoke with Roger and Angela (rep ID NCH04) in Houston who tried to delay the reimbursement and have not yet agreed to adequately deal with the issue at hand.

Thus far I have created a video warning other travelers about this manner and plan to do more videos and articles, blogs across the net if this is not speedily resolved.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines London – Newark Drama & Denials

Your rep Angela accused me of being “hostile”, “ignorant” and “barking” at her for merely communicating my experience (twice after having previously done so to Roger), which I am not. I simply don’t tolerate poor customer service and runaround when I need a reimbursement for your negligence.

As a consumer advocate who has written over 1,000 articles, more than 300 press releases and 18 books I take world travel and passenger’s well being very seriously. Furthermore I’m appalled that your customer service rep Angela would be so rude and unapologetic. Although Roger didn’t do anything for me and just put me on hold to pass me along to Angela, at least he was courteous and polite.

Another group of travelers arriving from Paris (15 minutes after me) also in transit, were denied access to the Continental connecting flight (via Virgin Atlantic) after me and my wife.

However another of your passengers Andreal Miller told me Continental agreed to reimburse her hotel, food and incidental expenses as a result of their oversight and negligence in scheduling the flights too close together.

I have already phoned 800-932-2732 and spoke to Roger and Angela (rep – NCH04) for a total of 34 minutes (until Angela hung up on me), enduring a ridiculously long and intentionally aggravating process by your airline dispute resolutions department in an attempt to avoid reimbursing me for your airline’s negligence in regarding to its scheduling of flights for its valued passengers.


Upon calling a second time to Continental Customer Care, I spoke with Steve and Clyvee Young (31 minutes). After being put on hold by Mrs. Young for a lengthy period of time, Mrs. Young returned to the line and told me I would be reimbursed for the hotel and then the line was hung up as she begun to explain to me how to obtain reimbursement.


Upon calling a third time to Continental Customer Care, I spoke with rep Mrs. Barnes who gave me a case number 4148356.


Mrs. Barnes asked me to send you the original receipts for reimbursement, which I am now doing and requesting full refund. Until full refund comes to me and my wife restoring to us the financial expense incurred in London, the consumer advocacy campaign shall continue to forewarn other air passengers traveling with Continental of the challenges we incurred and how difficult the customer service / dispute resolution department is when handling its most valued frequent flying passengers. 

The amount for which we request reimbursement while in London as a result of Continental Airlines negligence is $499.75, all said expenses attached and itemized.


Paul F Davis & Karla M. Ruzycki


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Blockbuster And Netflix Unethical Contracts – Corporation Nation & Crude Capitalism, A New America

Blockbuster Online decided to alter and modify my existing movie rental contract, which initially allowed me unlimited rentals and exchanges at the store for a fixed price. On October 17, 2007 when I walked into the store to exchange a video the store rep told me I had met my limit for monthly exchanges and would have to pay over $2.00 per movie on any additional exchanges. The manager came out and agreed it was bogus and fraudulent, but said he couldn’t change it.

Upon looking at Blockbuster Online they have since phased out unlimited rentals altogether on their website, but such was in operation when I was sold the contract by the Blockbuster representative.

I phoned the competition at Netflix who told me they only lowered their prices, unlike Blockbuster who has since significantly raised their prices. The idea according to my research is for Blockbuster to put the competition out of business for a short while by their online services, than alter their contracts after the competition has been eliminated – kind of like an anti-trust price gouging operation.

The Netflix website contract for similar services, which verbally the rep on the phone said there would not be any price increases……says otherwise. Read the fine print online and you will see a contractual stipulation stating “changes to terms of use.”

Changes to Terms of Use
Netflix, Inc., reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice to you, to change these Terms of Use in our sole and absolute discretion. The most current version of these Terms of Use can be reviewed by clicking on the “Terms of Use” located at the bottom of the pages of the Netflix Web site. The most current version of the Terms of Use will supersede all previous versions. Your use of the Netflix Web site or continued use of our service after changes are made means that you agree to be bound by such changes.

This is the new corporation nation which cares not for consumers but financially raping and taking advantage of us. I say let’s protest!

Write your Better Business Bureau and Congress representatives and cite these unethical billing practices and procedures. What we tolerate will dominate. Close the floodgates before capitalism overtakes we the people and honesty and integrity entirely leaves the marketplace.

Tonight on May 24th, 2008 when I went into Blockbuster’s store I noticed the computer conveniently reduced my monthly exchanges from 5 to 3 when I recently updated my credit card information. I wonder how many people are being falsely taken advantage of every month by Blockbuster. It sounds to me like a class action lawsuit needs to be initiated soon. Blockbuster is always tipping the scales to screw the consumer and make themselves rich on the sly.

Paul F Davis – worldwide minister, international speaker, and author of United States of Arrogance


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Zoolon, Zulon, or Xulon Press – Spell it However You Want, Pay More, and Get Less

Publishing Confessions from a Xulon Press Author Who Encountered Conservative Hypocrisy

The ancient Greek word Xulon (zoo’ lon) is talking about revelation and I’ve got some profound revelations about Salem Communications publisher Xulon Press for you. Hear ye, hear ye all you authors because this is for you!

Writing a book is one thing, getting it published and enduring the many money-making schemes of publishers is another. I found publishing to be a very expensive and daunting task.

Xulon Press is a “Christian” publisher that published 4 books of my books. I had some major discrepancies in regard to promises unfulfilled in regard to their press releases. I published four books with Xulon Press within a year and encountered some problems, many related to their purported publicity packages – which essentially make or break a book’s success.

I recently received an email blast advert from Xulon Press and Townhall Press (“where your opinion counts”) promoting political candidate Fred Thompson’s new book Government at the Brink.

Xulon Press e-blasts are rare and apparently only given to very influential and powerful people who can sell more books and increase profit margins. I don’t recall getting any other promos for books besides Thompson’s, which of course reveals what a conservative owned publisher is capable of when it really wants to properly promote its authors books.

When I spoke to Xulon’s director of acquisitions and operations about receiving the same kind of E-blast for the 4 books I published and purchased publicity for with Xulon, I was told Fred Thompson’s book was a “special case”. In other words, though I published 4 books with Xulon, I wasn’t important and politics and profits are prioritized over fair treatment of all authors. Thompson, a political candidate with more visibility, is more financially promising and conservatively leaning. Hence Fred, unlike other Xulon authors, got the extra publicity push.

Founded by Christian author and publisher Tom Freiling, Xulon is now a part of Salem Communications Corporation. Salem claims to be the country’s leading Christian communications company with interests in radio, Internet, and magazine publishing. This does not mean you as an author with Xulon or Town Hall can rest, because my experience is Xulon’s connections and publicity never gives you as an author its best. If you’re not a big name or a conservative cash cow like Thompson, expect far less.

Tom Freiling founded Xulon Press and Town Hall Press with a group of Conservative entrepreneurs (perhaps that explains why the little author doesn’t get a fair chance).

Freiling’s political ideology is rather obvious in the books he has written: George W. Bush on God and Country, and Reagan’s God and Country. Incidentally last time I checked God never said he was a Republican or an American. Perhaps that explains the hypocrisy of American democracy and our present failed foreign policy.

Mr. Freiling claims to have published dozens of best-selling Conservative books, selling more than 2 million copies worldwide, and proudly mentions his appearances on CNN, C-Span, and many other television and radio programs. Being connected to Salem Communications has its benefits.

Why than can’t Mr. Freiling and Xulon Press produce the same publicity for me its author of 4 books? Possible reasons could be:

– I’m not conservative enough. Certainly my new book United States of Arrogance attests to that, though I am a registered Republican.

– It’s more fun to adequately publicize your own books when you run a publishing company than the authors paying for publicity.

– Getting paid for books published and publicity promised is more fun than actually producing the finished product.

– Maybe Xulon Press prefers selling the illusion to its authors of getting on Oprah and Larry King even though they have no intention of providing national publicity with PR Web the company it uses to do press releases.

Xulon purchased for my books the cheapest of the four tiers offered for press releases from PR Web (which does not offer nationwide exposure), but made me to believe I was getting a shot at national publicity to be discovered. It takes years to write a book. The 4 books I wrote and published with Xulon (those they lied about adequately publicizing) certainly left me feeling quite betrayed by the Christian and conservative publisher. I do believe punitive damages for the years of my life lost are in order. Before proceeding with that I think it is proper however to give Xulon a taste of what good publicity can accomplish so they never lie to future aspiring authors again. Unfortunately I continue to get emails from disgruntled Xulon authors who agree with me and have issue with various items pertinent to the publishing of their books.

Mr. Freiling claims Writer’s Digest magazine featured him as one of the world’s leading experts on self-publishing. What’s the problem than in generating adequate publicity for his authors?

Interestingly though Xulon Press has an Author Audio Blog page, I have never been asked to be interviewed by Mr. Freiling for any of my 4 books. Xulon Press and Town Hall Press like to sell the illusion of “strength in numbers” belonging to conservative and Christian groups. I have found however none of this really matters once you publish with Xulon because after they collect the cash from you, my experience has been the author is basically forgetten about and provided very poor publicity.

Perhaps the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) should evaluate the publicity packages Xulon Press sells and reconsider how reputable the company really is or is not.

Paul F. Davis – worldwide minister who has touched 50 countries and author of 14 books

Xulon Press published 4 books Davis wrote: “Supernatural Fire”; “Poems That Propel The Planet”; “Are You Ready For True Love?”; and “Adultery 101”

The fiery minister says of Xulon, “I guess some people don’t see the light until they first feel the heat. Indeed they will feel the fire of the Holy Spirit in me as I have many bones to pick with Tom Freiling and Xulon Press. I shall be heard and will not be silent!”


Interestingly, I found two complaints about Xulon Press here below:


Apr 18, 2008

I have recently used Xulon and I’m overall disappointed. I found the language of services offered for the bestseller’s package was very misleading (bordering on dishonest). For instance, they presented the following when I purchased the more expensive package (a little over $1900 several months back), “We will promote your book at a host of other conferences and conventions, including the annual Book Expo America with Catalogs! You will have the opportunity to spotlight your book at each conference.” (exact quote). In the column where additional fees are stated, NONE are listed — there was only a checkmark indicating that this service is included. A reasonable person would buy this package believing their book would be represented at the convention… however, UNLESS you are willing to pay an ADDITIONAL $149, this is not true. Your book will only be represented in a catalog (and who knows where that will be, under the table??). In the end, it didn’t matter, because my concerns were not addressed in a timely enough manner to take advantage of the program — the rep curtly emailed me stating that all the spots “were taken.”

Other issues I encountered included: 1) not having my book posted on their online store until I called to complain about it not being there (over 1 mth after it was completed) 2) press release accompanied by an excel dump (with over 1,000 listings — many out of date, most just simply websites, but no email addresses) requiring that you notify organizations yourself. 3) Spacing format throughout my book was not consistant. 4) High author prices for book purchases…#100 copies of a 200 page book cost me approx 75% more than another very reputable POD.

They did however deliver a good cover and had the book put on several online bookstores — but stated to me that they only guarantee 4 websites: Amazon.com , Borders.com , Amazon.co.uk ( United Kingdom ), and Btol.com . I’m not certain how they will handle it if Amazon does disable the “BUY” button for POD’s in the future.

Tina – Houston, TX

Thursday Apr 24

My experience was nearly identical to Tina’s in many respects, additionally, it’s been nine months and the book still hasn’t been listed at either Spring Harbor or Ingram’s for retailers to have access. Has anyone considered a class action against Xulon? Their’s is not a Christian way to do business.

Diane – Sitka, AK

Paul F. Davis is a world-changing leadership & diversity speaker who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 14 books. Paul has appeared on numerous internationally broadcast radio shows from Oprah & Friends to Fox News Radio to talk about conflict resolution, peacemaking, foreign policy, and diplomacy. Playboy Radio host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an “awesome” relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Academically outstanding Davis was trained in transformative mediation & conflict resolution (Hofstra Law School); strategic negotiations (Harvard Business School & U. of Washington); advanced interrogation (Reid & Associates founders of the polygraph); and NLP & Life Coaching (NLP & Coaching Institute of California).

Paul humorously and elegantly transforms individuals and organizations.

Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations, & reconciles nations.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan; and has been so deep into the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man.

Paul empowers people to love passionately and live fearlessly.



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1and1.com auto renewal cancellation policy – fraud, complicated, and poor customer service

http://www.1and1.com with whom I have 34 domains, many of which I have switched from http://www.GoDaddy.com does not offer clean and crisp easy access to your domain names status.  That is unlike with GoDaddy you cannot easily all in one clean listing see the status and expiration dates of your domains.

In an effort to keep ongoing business and continually bang out credit card debits into eternity, 1and1.com likes to hid their auto renewal page in another website altogether and thereby intentionally complicate matters.

The site is http://www.cancel.1and1.com

Then you have to go to the top left and click “cancel” after which you click the link that says “cancel & cancel additional items”

This will finally bring you up to your domains where you can remove the “auto renewal” feature.

1and1 cleverly keeps their customers by making another website to go to in order to simply stop the auto renewal feature, then they conceal and scare customers into thinking they will be altogether cancelling the domain (when they simply want to stop the auto renewal feature).

Many lose heart and simply just leave the domain on auto renewal at this point, but if you persevere you indeed can stop the auto renewal.

A lot of trouble considering GoDaddy makes it way easy.  Upon calling tech support at http://www.1and1.com about my 34 domains with them, I asked to consolidate all packages into one, but the tech was too lazy to do that for me and refused.

Neither would she cancel any of my domains.  To add to the nightmare when cancelling a domain not only to you have to endure the above process at 1and1.com but you also thereafter have to click through your inbox email confirming the cancellation (that is if you even receive it).

When I had one domain transfer that didn’t go through from GoDaddy, I asked 1and1 tech support to tell me if there were any others. The lady “Sheryl” rep.3729 told me “That will take several minutes to look in each one.”

I replied, “I don’t care! I pay your company several dollars every month for domains. Do it!”

She reluctantly did so and didn’t provide very good service because she had to comply with all of 1.and1.com’s goofy policies to slow down customer cancellations and discontinuing a mere auto renewal.

Paul F Davis – international speaker, author, and consumer advocate




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