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Senator John McCain Courts NRA – National Rifle Association, Good or Bad for America?

I noticed Senator John McCain recently spoke to the NRA (National Rifle Association) expressing his support of the 2nd Amendment’s rights to bear arms.

Good or bad for America? Certainly we as a country have seen more killings and incarcerations than any nation on earth. Something NOT to be proud about.

Yet taking away good peoples guns maybe isn’t the answer either. If only the bad guys have guns and some local cops call in sick and the police force is understaffed, where does that leave we the people? If you’re living out in the country and need to protect yourself against wild animals, shouldn’t you be allowed to have a gun?

On the other hand it’s organizations like the NRA that enable guns to be sold and freely in circulation for purchase in the first place.  If guns weren’t able to be so easily bought, high school murders and college rage shootings wouldn’t be happening. Moreover the bad guys wouldn’t be able to get their hands on “a piece” as easily.

I’m very undecided on the matter frankly, but I do realize and know something has got to be done and quick.

Your thoughts on the matter?

Paul F Davis – author of United States of Arrogance



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