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Denominations are Funny – Leave Religiosity, Enjoy Spirituality

Denominations are funny as they try to hold, enslave, and contain humanity. Denominations never seem to realize human beings don’t tend towad conformity.  Only spirituality can give birth to genuine inspiration and divine authenticity.

Humans therefore need spontaneity and opportunity to draw near to God without rigidity. Such liberty is joyous and intoxicating, refreshing and invigorating.

Paul F Davis – worldwide minister and author of God vs. Religion





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Holy Spirit of the living God – Breathe afresh upon me, making my life what it ought to be

Wonderful Holy Spirit, blessed Holy Spirit of the living God

Breathe afresh upon me, make my life what it ought to be

Burn away the sin, flesh, rebellion, and stubbornness in me

Take my life to the heights of heaven so I can dwell with Thee

Give me a delightful and sustaining taste of inescapable eternity

Lift my head high above the pain of the past so I might fully be

All that you created me to fulfill throughout my life and destiny

As you come gracious Holy Spirit and patiently work mightily in me

I shall be transformed continually and arise to give you great glory

Take this little boy, make him an honorable man, rewrite his life story.


Paul F Davis – worldwide minister, author, and poet


If you liked that you must get Paul’s 500 page poetry book “POEMS THAT PROPEL THE PLANET” for some inspirational and spiritual life-changing poetry.





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