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USAA and CCC Valuescope Report Vehicles Used to Devalue Insured Motorists Automobiles in Total Losses

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I am extremely concerned about the way my insurer USAA and their hired gun CCC Valuescope compute, calculate, and arrive at what they deem “actual cash value” for vehicles in the event of a total loss.

As I mentioned to the Department of Insurance Regulation, the DMV in Florida requires insurers to pay the replacement value of a like kind and quality vehicle to owners involved in total loss settlements with insurance companies. USAA however is only agreeing to pay me the “actual cash value.”

Most importantly, the manner by which USAA computes, calculates, and arrives at the “actual cash value” seems very deceptive, misleading, and fraudulent when one looks carefully at the CCC Valuescope Report upon which they base their valuations and calculations.

To be specific, note below the problematic histories of VIN numbers of vehicles on my CCC Valuescope report (39813905) provided to me by my insurer USAA. These of course are the vehicles CCC Valuescope and USAA used as comparable vehicles to my 1997 Honda Accord, Special Edition.

It is also worth noting that my 1997 Honda Accord SE never left the State of Florida, whereas these “comparable” vehicles submitted by USAA and CCC Valuescope have been out of Florida and across the country. My car has never been auctioned, nor has it had liens, neither required emission and safety inspections, nor been in accidents as reported in these subject vehicles. Therefore my insurer should not use these subject cars below as they are not a fair and honest value comparison to my own vehicle.

I urge every insured motorist to assess treble damages for this blatant attempt on the part of insurance companies to deceive we the insured fiduciaries and devalue our vehicles before paying out monies rightfully due us the insured.

1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD563XVA120309

– Liens 4/10/1997, 7/25/2000, 11/1/2006

– Emission Inspections 7/23/1997, 6/24/1998, 7/21/1999

– Left Side Impact with another Vehicle 4/18/2000

– Rebuilt 7/25/2000, 12/01/2000, 1/6/2003, 4/6/2004, 1/25/2005, 12/23/2005, 11/1/2006, 8/17/2007

– Auction 4/7/2006


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG2244WA011995

– Liens 5/28/2002, 11/15/2002, 4/12/2005, 6/24/2008

– Accident 5/5/2005

– Duplicate Titles 11/15/2002, 4/7/2008

– Corrected Title 5/28/2002

– Auction 4/16/2002, 4/18/2008

– Theft Deterrent Equipped 7/29/2000, 3/23/2001

– Massachusetts and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5633VA060776

– Liens 3/21/2000, 7/23/2002, 7/23/2002 DUPLICATE TITLE, 8/11/2005

– Auto Auction 12/28/1999, 1/12/2000

– Auto Auction / FLEET 12/10/1996

– Leased Vehicle 7/24/1997, 8/17/1998

– Front Impact Collision 9/4/2004


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG5642WA216534

– Leased 8/6/1998, 8/11/1998, 7/28/1999

– Auto Auction 1/17/2002 (FLEET / LEASE), 7/27/2006, 7/28/2006, 9/8/2006, 9/29/2006

– Liens 2/7/2002, 3/28/2008


1998 Honda Accord, LX – VIN 1HGCG5645WA252007

– Leased 9/10/1998, 7/22/1999

– Auto Auction 5/7/2001, 5/9/2001, 7/17/2001, 8/6/2001, 8/10/2001, 8/28/2001


1997 Honda Accord Special Edition – VIN 1HGCD5606VA113282

– Leased 2/24/1997

– Failed Safety Inspection 8/15/2001

– Liens 2/11/2000, 4/13/1999

– Ohio, Tennessee, New York, and Florida owners


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG5643WA252409

– Leased 9/18/1998, 9/22/1998, 11/23/1999

– Liens 9/18/1998, 9/22/1998, 11/20/2002, 12/5/2002

– Not Good Chain of Title, Poor Car History


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5631VA052028

– Accident 12/11/2006

– Lien 1/2/1997


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG3249WA000044

– Leased 7/24/1998, 7/28/1998

– Lien 5/9/2003

– Auto Auction 6/20/2006, 6/21/2006


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5634VA083693

– Leased 3/23/1997, 12/3/1997, 1/27/1998, 1/29/1998, 9/8/1998

– Auto Auction 3/30/2000. 4/3/2000, 5/4/2000, 6/8/2000

– Liens 3/23/1997, 12/3/1997, 7/6/2000

– Emission Inspections 12/11/1997, 6/9/2000

– California and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD7239VA012071

– Liens 11/10/1997, 11/13/1997

– Emission Inspection 7/1/1998, 7/8/1999

– Duplicate Title 4/3/2008


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5632VA124418

– Liens 4/30/1999, 1/17/2002, 8/4/2003


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG5644WA225137

– Leased 8/21/1998, 8/25/1998

– Liens 8/25/1998, 11/27/2000, 6/29/2006

– Auto Auction 6/25/2008, 8/01/2008


1998 Honda Accord – 1HGCG5645WA258566

– Liens 9/15/1998, 1/10/2006


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG554WA057792

– Liens 1/09/1998, 6/3/2002 CORRECTED TITLE, 6/12/2002 CORRECTED TITLE, 8/8/2003

– Arizona, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5636VA050128

– Liens 1/19/1999

– Many Owners, Numerous Change of Hands


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5636VA249387

– Lien 10/08/1997

– Front Impact Collision 3/12/1999

– Emission Test 8/27/1999, 9/13/2001

– Georgia and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – JHMCD5630VC008863

– Liens 8/27/1997, 3/1/2001

– Auto Auction 6/18/2008

– Pennsylvania and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord SE – 1HGCD7203VA029681

– Liens 6/9/1999, 1/27/2003, 5/22/2008

– Leased 6/13/1997

– Auto Auctions 9/16/2002, 10/21/2002

– Auto Auction / FLEET 10/22/2002

– New Jersey and Florida owners


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5647WA123704

– Lien 4/26/2005


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5642WA087405

– Lien 1/27/1998

– Auto Auction 6/5/2008


1998 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCG3245WA011459

– Liens 7/13/1998, 10/1/1998, 10/28/1999

– Auto Auction 4/22/2002, 11/26/2007

– Emission Inspections 5/5/1999, 10/8/1999, 3/24/2000


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5539VA103132

– Leased 2/21/1997, 2/09/1999

– Liens 8/10/1999, 8/5/2003, 9/12/2005

– Auto Auctions 4/28/1999, 5/15/2008, 5/16/2008

– Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida owners


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5646WA222921

– Liens 7/30/1998, 7/18/2008

– Auto Auctions 4/22/2008, 4/23/2008

1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD723XVA016064

– Title #:AQ0019351 Seekonk, MA

– Title #:0090214360 St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL

– Title Issues 4/4/1997, 5/13/1999, 5/1/2001, 4/18/2003, 3/31/2004, 5/13/2008, 7/8/2008

Duplicate Title

– Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord SE – 1HGCD5607VA104378

– Leased 7/23/1997, 2/11/1998, 4/29/1999, 5/3/1999

– Liens 7/23/1997, 5/3/1999, 2/19/2004, 5/19/2005

– Auto Auctions 6/4/2001, 6/5/2001, 2/8/2005

– Duplicate Title 1/28/2005

– Maryland and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCE1825VA006521

– Liens 12/24/1997, 8/14/2000, 5/30/2008

– Emission Inspection 5/19/2000


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5646WA118820

– Leased 3/18/1998, 3/20/1998, 11/25/1998, 12/14/1999

– Liens 3/20/1998, 1/30/2002, 3/22/2002


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCE1828VA005041

– Emission Inspections 3/2/1999, 3/3/1998, 2/25/2000

– Green Car noted 3/31/2008 – perhaps color change during repairs

– Duplicate Title 4/11/2008

– Auto Auction 4/10/2008


1997 Honda Accord SE – 1HGCD5604VA237860

– Leased 9/03/1997, 5/14/1998, 6/16/1999, 6/1/2000

– FLEET 9/03/2007

– Accident 6/2/2008

– Liens 9/3/1997, 8/29/2000, 6/2/2008


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5647WA042945

– Leased 12/2/1997, 12/4/1997, 10/15/1998, 10/19/1998

– Accident 5/10/2008

– Auto Auction 8/20/1998

– Emission Inspection 3/24/2000


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5633VA242431

– Lien 5/9/2002

– Theft Deterrent Equipped 9/5/1998

– New York and Florida owners


1997 Honda Accord LX – 1HGCD5630VA215140

– Liens 9/24/1997, 9/26/1997, 8/17/2001, 6/13/2008

– Front Impact Collision with another Vehicle 5/28/2002

– Emission Inspection 3/30/2000


1998 Honda Accord LX / LXA – 1HGCG5647WA228436

– Liens 9/16/1998, 5/21/2008

– Duplicate Title 5/7/2008


I am deeply concerned and disappointed in my insurance company’s failure to uphold their moral and legal obligations contractual requiring the utmost duty of care to me the fiduciary.

www.PaulFDavis.com – consumer advocate, author, and worldwide motivational speaker





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Stolen Innocence by Erin Merryn – incest survivor & Elissa Wall – FLDS church polygamy & child abuse

Eleven-year-old Erin Myrren’s life was marred the night she was sexually abused by her cousin, someone she loved and trusted.

As the abuse continued, and as she was forced to see her abuser over and over again in social situations, she struggled with self-doubt, panic attacks, nightmares and the weight of whether or not to tell her terrible secret. It wasn’t until a traumatic series of events showed her the cost of silence that she chose to speak out-in the process destroying both her family and the last of her innocence.

“Through her personal diary, written during the years of her abuse, Erin Myrren shares her journey through pain and confusion to inner strength and, ultimately, forgiveness. Raw, powerful and unflinchingly honest, Stolen Innocence is the inspiring story of one girl’s struggle to become a woman, and a bright light on the pain and devastation of abuse.”

“Stolen Innocence is written with conviction and clarity. Erin Myrren doesn’t hold back, and I respect her honesty and openness…By the end of the book, I thought I was reading passages from a much older adult than a high school senior. Erin has grown into a strong, wise, intelligent, perceptive, spiritual, caring adult.”
–Susan Reedquist, The Children’s Advocacy Center

RevivingNations@gmail.com (or) yahoo.com

Forced to marry at 14, Oprah’s Lisa Ling provided a special report on the grotesque polygamist practices within the FLDS “church” (an offshoot from the formerly and sometimes secretly still polygamist Mormon “church” of latter day “saints”).

In the FLDS Church from the moment she was born, all Elissa Wall knew was adhering to her pedophile “prophet’s” commands. From her “teachings”, which were portrayed as Biblical and godly, all Elissa knew was that the “prophet’s” job was to dictate what was best for the girls, speaking as he was God’s earthly orator.

Made to marry her cousin at the age of 14, Elissa was brainwashed to believe her marriage was the will of God and therefore nothing could be done to stop it. Nevertheless she still asked for permission not to marry, tried to resist, and pushed back when her new “husband” tried to make a move for his first kiss.

Knowing she was different from other girls in her community, Elissa wanted an education, maybe even to become a nurse or teacher someday. During her year in public school, Elissa had come to realize things were possible that she’d never dreamed before. Elissa knew that she wanted to be a mother of good priesthood children, but not at 14-years-of-age!

Yet Uncle Fred had other plans for Elissa’s precious life, telling her “the prophet” wanted her to marry. Although it felt horrible inside and didn’t seem right, Elissa wanted to please God.

Cult leader and self-proclaimed “prophet” Warren Jeffs used religion to prey on and sexually abuse women and children. Don’t be duped by foul religion, read God vs. Religion by Paul F Davis and find freedom! Escape the enslavement and clutches of dead religion. Awaken to foul religion, pseudo-spiritual manipulation, and the need for proper godly confrontation. Learn truths to experience personal liberation.

For the broken hearted, Davis has written Breakthrough For A Broken Heart empowering us to overcome our disappointments and blossom into our dreams.

Davis commends Erin and Elissa for turning their mess into a message to help others like them across the globe similarly suffering and ensnared by sexual perverts. God have mercy and help the young girls entrapped get free from these foul excuses for men.

Davis in his compassion has even written a book for sex addicts to help them find freedom. Paul encourages men to read his book Stop Lusting & Start Living – A Sexual Recovery Plan.

Davis says, “God above is full of love and can set both the oppressed and the oppressor free simultaneously. Whosoever will humble their heart and cry out to Christ Jesus for salvation can be saved from their sin and self.”

RevivingNations@yahoo.com (or) gmail.com

Paul F. Davis is a world-changing leadership & diversity speaker who has touched over 50 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 14 books, two nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Paul has appeared on numerous internationally broadcast radio shows from Oprah & Friends to Fox News Radio to talk about conflict resolution, peacemaking, foreign policy, and diplomacy. Playboy Radio host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an “awesome” relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Academically outstanding Davis was trained in transformative mediation & conflict resolution (Hofstra Law School); strategic negotiations (Harvard Business School & U. of Washington); advanced interrogation (Reid & Associates founders of the polygraph); and NLP & Life Coaching (NLP & Coaching Institute of California).
Paul humorously and elegantly transforms individuals and organizations.
Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations, & reconciles nations.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9/11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan; and has been so deep into the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man.

Paul empowers people to love passionately and live fearlessly.

RevivingNations@yahoo.com (or) gmail.com

# # #

Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Inc. builds dreams, transcends limitations & reconciles nations

Paul F. Davis is a highly sought after worldwide professional speaker, prolific author, human rights activist, provocateur & minister

Academically outstanding Davis was trained in transformative mediation & conflict resolution (Hofstra Law School); strategic negotiations (Harvard Business School); advanced interrogation (Reid & Assoc polygraph founders)


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