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USAA Salvage Value Report Lacking

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When my insurer USAA informed me my vehicle was a “total loss” after I was hit by a drunk driver, they valued the salvage at $655.53 but gave no itemization as to how they came up with that number. Interestingly, this salvage amount constituted more than a tenth of the value they engineered with the infamous CCC Valuescope report.

When I asked for the VIN histories on the vehicles USAA used to compare with my 1997 Honda SE they refused to give such data. I wonder why? I guess they don’t have much confidence in their report, or don’t want to disclose the manner by which they deceive the general public.

Although to USAA’s credit the permitted a reinspection and bumped up my car’s value over $1,000 no VIN histories were provided. Now I await documentation as to how USAA calculates the “salvage value”….

Paul F Davis – consumer advocate



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