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Stop Smoking & Start Living: Smoking Sucks the Life Out of You. Stop Smoking & Cancer Before Death

My mom smoked and died prematurely! Don’t do that to yourself! If you know a friend who smoking is sucking the life out of help them now! Life is precious. Please value it! http://e332fhklwds44d1n6l1b3s0w6g.hop.clickbank.net/  

If smoking is killing you or someone you love, please take immediate action and do something about it. This program will help get your mind in the right state to facilitate change and lasting transformation.

Cancer and death is no respecter of persons and will take those who violate their own bodies foolishly continually.

Stop smoking before your heart stops beating. Doctors & insurers know smoking is a high risk factor leading to heartattacks. If smoking is sucking the life out of you or someone you love do something about it. Smoking sucks. Start living cancer free!

Empowering individuals to be their best and live their dreams!

http://www.PaulFDavis.com – life coach for transformation & worldwide speaker


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Stop Foreclosure, Home Mortgage, Refinance, Loan Restructuring, Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale Options

Don’t believe the media hype, nor panic. Help and hope is here!

Our mitigation team can stop foreclosure, provide a home mortgage, refinance options, loan restructuring, pre-foreclosure, short sales, re-negotiate the terms of your loan, and intervene to stop your lender from foreclosing on your home.

Be proactive and get professional help before the wolves steal your home!

With our intervention countless new homeowners are fulfilling their lifelong dream! Others have been spared devastating hardships and peril by obtaining a home mortgage, refinance, stop foreclosure, loan restructuring, pre-foreclosure, short sale options, and debt settlement. Loan modification, reinstatement plans, and forbearance agreements are just some of many options to salvage your savings and home.

Let us work with you to help you get your next home or stop foreclosure before you lose your most prized asset.

• Reinstatement Plan
• Repayment Plan
• Loan Modification
• Loan Restructuring
• Loan Refinance
• Forbearance Agreement
• Redemptions
• Partial Claim
• Pre-Foreclosure Sale
• Short Sale
• Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

Foreclosure is something that many people think can never happen to them.  The reality is it can happen to anyone and everyone.  

The global credit crunch combined with Wall Street and Washington incompetence has devastated millions of homeowners just like you. Countless people across the country are suddenly facing an unforseeable foreclosure due to these variables:

Rising Interest Rates
Personal Tragedy
Health Problems
Death of a Family Member

In desperate times, the last thing we need is to lose our homes and potentially break up our families.

We are committed to assisting you with keeping your home.  We will act on your behalf and negotiate with your lender.  Whether your goal is to stay in your home or simply get out of it without going through foreclosure… Let us intervene and provide the assurance you need before predatory lenders seek to remove you from your home.

If you have credit card debit, you may contact Paul directly should you want him to represent you to help arbitrate and negotiate an advantageous settlement.

All other queries should be directed to our mitigation team to stop foreclosure, provide a home mortgage, refinance options, loan restructuring, pre-foreclosure, short sales, re-negotiate the terms of your loan, and intervene to stop your lender from foreclosing on your home.

# # #

Paul F. Davis is a worldwide minister, licensed real estate professional, debt arbitrator, global currency trader, and consultant. Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations, and transforms individuals and organizations.


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Relational Expert and Minister Celebrated by Playboy Radio – What Every Nympho Needs!

Relational Expert and Minister Paul F. Davis was embraced by Playboy Radio’s Afternoon Advice host Tiffany Grannath and several callers who enjoyed speaking to the author of Breakthrough for a Broken Heart and Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat. Davis answered questions from callers who had been cheated on themselves and were seeking wisdom as to what to do in their relationship.


Relational Expert and Love Coach Paul F. Davis was interviewed by Playboy Radio’s Tiffany Grannath about cheating, adultery, sexual sobriety, cultivating true love, and sustaining a love that lasts a lifetime.


Davis is the author of Are You Ready For True Love, which assesses relational compatibility & responsibility. “Discern between relational fits, misfits, and counterfeits. If a man tells a woman she’s beautiful, she will overlook most of his other lies. Courtship is that period during which the female decides whether or not she can do any better. Don’t get into the sea of matrimony on a wave of enthusiasm. Learn a lot before tying the knot. Beyond love at first sight, get insight.”


Discern between relational fits, misfits, and counterfeits. If a man tells a woman she’s beautiful, she will overlook most of his other lies. Courtship is that period during which the female decides whether or not she can do any better. Don’t get into the sea of matrimony on a wave of enthusiasm. Learn a lot before tying the knot. Beyond love at first sight, get insight.


Paul himself lived through an adulterous affair in which he went through a personal ground zero (like where he worked in NYC the first week of 9/11), after which he wrote his book Breakthrough for a Broken Heart to empower people to overcome their disappointments and blossom into their dreams.


Davis a worldwide professional speaker has traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents across the globe comforting and uplifitng humanity. Paul’s message of hope transcends barriers that divide and builds bridges among all peoples. Paul’s organization Dream-Maker Ministries builds dreams, humorously challenges presumptions, transcends limitations, and facilitates transformation.


As a purpose coach Davis transforms individuals and organizations. Relationally speaking, the divorce Davis went through due to adultery, enabled him to pull from the mess a mighty message to liberate humanity. Paul’s book Adultery: 101 Reasons Not to Cheat he originally wrote for himself as a traveling man to keep the fear of God in his own heart and remind himself of the repercussions of wrong doing. Little did Paul know he’d be the victim of an adulterous affair himself when his ex-wife dropped the bomb on him.


Paul wrote a sequel to the Adultery 101 book titled Stop Lusting & Start Living, a sexual recovery plan which he says every nympho needs. Overcoming and harnessing fleshly bodily appetites that seek to rule and enslave us requires spiritual strength. Only as you build up the spirit within can you govern your bodily appetites and reign over unruly fleshly cravings screaming for immediate gratification.


Desperate housewives, strippers, playboys, womanizers, and the hormonally challenged driven by lust are restlessly looking for something and someone to satisfy them. Society is seeking answers to tame their gremlins and advice to achieve self-mastery. Will our consumeristic society ever again be content and committed relationally?


Faith, hope, and love alone anchor the heart and soul. Cheating thwarts the family structure and demoralizes precious children who look to Mommy and Daddy for moral guidance and direction. What then will divorced men and women give to their children? Hopelessness, depression, loneliness, lies, deceit, anger, fear, distrust, unfaithfulness, and betrayal? Are these values we want to teach our children? If not, somehow we must be strengthened to overcome seduction’s temptation.


How shall men keep the womanizer from stealing their wife? Stop betrayal and infidelity early on by harnessing your flesh before the hottie walks by. Get some self-help and purpose in your heart to uphold and fight for your marriage.


Though our bodies want food, sleep, and sex — giving yourself over fully without restraint to your bodily appetites will both destroy your soul and your marriage. The flesh doesn’t care about a wedding ring or marital vows. Therefore we must take dominion over ourselves and make our flesh obey.


Indeed sex is wonderful and a gift from God, but to be a blessing it must be kept within its proper context and not overly exalted. Sex is not love, neither can it satisfy a yearning soul. The flesh is but one of three facets of our person and has the least depth of the three. We are spiritual beings who have a mind and live in a body, says Paul. Therefore to overcome the outward man, we must first build up the inner man by the spirit.


The supernatural flow and miraculous dimension to Paul’s ministry and messages impart an unusual strength to hearts and minds, forfifying people to live victoriously spirit, mind, and body!



Contact Paul F. Davis to speak in your city and be interviewed on your show.



(407) 284-1705


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1and1.com auto renewal cancellation policy – fraud, complicated, and poor customer service

http://www.1and1.com with whom I have 34 domains, many of which I have switched from http://www.GoDaddy.com does not offer clean and crisp easy access to your domain names status.  That is unlike with GoDaddy you cannot easily all in one clean listing see the status and expiration dates of your domains.

In an effort to keep ongoing business and continually bang out credit card debits into eternity, 1and1.com likes to hid their auto renewal page in another website altogether and thereby intentionally complicate matters.

The site is http://www.cancel.1and1.com

Then you have to go to the top left and click “cancel” after which you click the link that says “cancel & cancel additional items”

This will finally bring you up to your domains where you can remove the “auto renewal” feature.

1and1 cleverly keeps their customers by making another website to go to in order to simply stop the auto renewal feature, then they conceal and scare customers into thinking they will be altogether cancelling the domain (when they simply want to stop the auto renewal feature).

Many lose heart and simply just leave the domain on auto renewal at this point, but if you persevere you indeed can stop the auto renewal.

A lot of trouble considering GoDaddy makes it way easy.  Upon calling tech support at http://www.1and1.com about my 34 domains with them, I asked to consolidate all packages into one, but the tech was too lazy to do that for me and refused.

Neither would she cancel any of my domains.  To add to the nightmare when cancelling a domain not only to you have to endure the above process at 1and1.com but you also thereafter have to click through your inbox email confirming the cancellation (that is if you even receive it).

When I had one domain transfer that didn’t go through from GoDaddy, I asked 1and1 tech support to tell me if there were any others. The lady “Sheryl” rep.3729 told me “That will take several minutes to look in each one.”

I replied, “I don’t care! I pay your company several dollars every month for domains. Do it!”

She reluctantly did so and didn’t provide very good service because she had to comply with all of 1.and1.com’s goofy policies to slow down customer cancellations and discontinuing a mere auto renewal.

Paul F Davis – international speaker, author, and consumer advocate




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