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Student Success, Academic Success & Your GPA

The greatest misnomer is to think students’ GPA is indicative of their intelligence. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Some of the smartest people I know scored poorly on tests, not because these students weren’t smart, but because they were lazy and refused to study. Hence their grades were also low in keeping with their laziness and lack of focus.

Your GPA points to your focus and ability to stay on target, on point with your academic curriculum. Many intelligent people enjoy the challenge of an SAT, ACT or college entrance exam. These same intelligent students however often find school terribly boring and monotonous. This explains their high standardized test scores and low GPA.

You don’t always have to study to score high on a standardized test if you somewhat listen daily and attend class. Yet to earn a high GPA you have to turn in daily classwork, do your homework, and study for exams. These demands are rigorous and require ongoing focus, something many intelligent people don’t have.

Therefore your GPA reveals your level of focus, consistency, and intensity academically.

Paul F. Davis – worldwide speaker & life-changing author of 18 books including “Academic Success Secrets – Mental Strategies for Better Grades” and “New Teacher Success & Survival Secrets”

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New Teacher Success & Survival Secrets – What Principals & School Boards Don’t Tell You

As a new teacher I was eagerly hired with a smile by my principal, but thereafter treated much like a slave. The sudden shift in interpersonal approach was a bit of a shock. Nevertheless not expecting my employer to carry me, I happily moved forward to complete my job.

The school board after initial orientation never contacted me, nor kept in touch to see how I was doing. My school teaching mentor was more interested in her masters degree than helping me. When she finally got around to evaluate my lesson plans and provide suggestions, there were only a few weeks left in the school year.

As a new teacher you need to be extremely proactive and seek out help from your teaching mentor (often when you don’t even know you need help). By taking your work to your teaching mentor, asking questions, and being circumspect about every detail and facet of your teaching you are more likely to get the guidance you need (and discover areas for improvement).

Often teaching mentors are already overloaded with work, which means as a new teacher if you are not proactive and fail to seek them out, much of the helpful information they could potential impart and add to your career will never occur or be transferred.

www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker & life-changing author of 18 books including “New Teacher Success & Survival Secrets – What Principals & School Boards Don’t Tell You”

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The Secret – Visualize & Materialize Success

A powerful and often forgotten secret is the ability to visualize & materialize success. A former prisoner of war ina torture chamber suffering to minimize the pain (thinking to himself why suffer inwardly because I’m suffereing outwardly) visualized himself playing his best rounds of golf.

When the POW got out of prison and solitary confinement, he returned home where he played his best round of golf ever! Although the POW had not played a round of golf for over 2 years, because he had played by visualization in the chambers of his imagery, the man beat his best score through the power of visualization.

Visualize and materialize success in your life.

Even the Bible says, “See the word of the Lord, oh generation!” (Jeremiah 2:31) I pray your eyes, even the eyes of your heart, open to visualize and behold all the Creator has in store for you.

Let the chambers of your imagery awaken and your imagination come forth to achieve great success as you visualize your way to the future, walking by faith not by sight.

Your best days and most blessed days are ahead of you!

 http://www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of 17 books including Supernatural Fire

Invite Paul to speak in your city and impart the spirit of faith empowering you to live your dreams! Invite worldwide speaker, life-changing author, and miracle worker to your city to work wonders! RevivingNations@yahoo.com

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College Student Success: Tolerance & Acceptance

Part of succeeding as a college student is growing as an adult and becoming mature enough to accept people who are not like you. Tolerance and acceptance means we give people the freedom to be their own unique selves without casting judgment or putting our map upon them.

Keep an open mind and be willing to challenge any stereotype you may have developed by reason of your parental upbringing.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can find levels of conditioning and brainwashing from society and even within our own family (perhaps unknowingly), where we improperly and erroneously began to believe an idea without first testing its validity.

I know when I began to help out my youth Pastor by providing a young African American a ride to church, my grandmother got a bit nervous. Me being the controversial and confrontational type, I humorously challenged my Nana’s racial fears and stereotype by saying: “What? You don’t like black people? Maybe I will marry a black woman.”

My grandmother did not like that, but it was sufficient for the racial undertones and biases to stop. Thereafter it was smooth sailing because I confronted my grandmother’s fear head on.

Often times stereotypes and racial bias is nothing more than a snap judgment derived from hidden fears about a race someone usually knows very little about.

Granted we all have bad experiences with people of all races, but that should not be reason to discard the entire race and ethnicity.

Truly there are brilliant and delightful people of every race on earth from whom we can learn things and happily enjoy life together. My world travels to over 50 countries and 6 continents has certainly proven and taught me this.

Go eat lunch with somebody of another race or cultural ethnic group. Be wise enough to realize that many wonderful contributions have come from people of all races. To deny yourself such meaningful interaction only shortcircuits and disconnects you from your full potential.

Rather than being fearful and getting labeled a hater, be a heartfelt helper to bridge the racial divide on your campus and happily bring people harmoniously together.

www.PaulFDavis.com worlwide speaker and author of “Diversity, Multiculturalism & Global Awareness”

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College Student Success Secrets: Mirth for a Rebirth

If you are feeling down about being away from your hometown and missing family & friends, no assuredly you’re not alone. Many college students across your campus feel the exact same way.

Therefore choose and determine to break forth into joy today! Make a conscious decision to alter your attitude and live happily. Make the most of your day, knowing you shall never have it again. Show yourself friendly. Extend a smile and handshake to make a new friend.

Graciously and generously give some mirth, letting joy arise from deep within. As you do your mirth will replenish your self-worth and awaken within you a new birth.

Mirth for a rebirth and revitalization is yours for the taking! Be happy today and forget about hesitating!

www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker and life-changing author of Breakthrough Leadership Success Secrets

Invite Paul to speak in your city and college campus!


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New Teacher Success Secrets: Feeling Used & Abused?

I felt as a new teacher I was not adequately prepared for all of the many administrative tasks involved in teaching. I also was not adequately trained on how to use the computer networks, but thanks to my ESOL chair eventually figured everything out. It was a very overwhelming experience.

As a new teacher I often felt as if I was a burden whenever I asked for assistance, asked a question, or sought clarification. Predominately I was told to read the emails and usually nothing more.

Hence near the end of the year I felt violated, used, and abused.

Perhaps you feel the opposite, as if your students delivered the most abuse toward you. Depending on the age group you are teaching that is very likely. My deans were awesome and did a great job helping me manage my classrooms whenever students got unruly or became uncooperative.

The extent of the abuse I felt was more based on neglect and the lack of emotional support I received throughout the academic year. Yet my administrators were kind not to pressure me to attend atheltic events, etc. as I was recovering (medically and financially) from a car accident.

Nevertheless I now understand why new teachers quit being educators. Here are some secrets to uplift your spirit and keep you going daily.

1. Remember all of your summer vacation you get as an educator.

Your life consists of time and educators keep a lot of it for themselves in the grand scheme of things. Holidays off are a blessing and you rarely have to work on the weekends.

2. Remember you are uplifting, molding, shaping, and impacting future leaders.

The younger generation you teach and impact daily are being groomed for greatness because of you. Therefore keep your heart and mind focused on your students and don’t let the little things distract or get you down.

3. Discover your own teaching style and be true to yourself.

Pinpoint your passion and unique gifting. Grow and develop it to best serve your students and your school.

4. The sun always shines above the clouds.

Focus on the good things and eliminate the negative (most of which you cannot change anyhow) from your mind.

www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker and author of New Teacher Success Secrets – 101 Survival & Success Secrets

Invite Paul to speak to your teachers and administrators about teacher retention. RevivingNations@yahoo.com

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New Teacher Success Secrets: Don’t Demonize Administration

As a new teacher, I quickly realized how much administration does to keep a school running. I don’t care about making six figures, because if I had to be an administrator and live at the school night and day, I surely couldn’t do it.

I therefore encourage new teachers to always be respectful of administration. I know it’s not always easy as I often felt like administration was my worst nightmare. I love teaching, but dealing with all of the administrative tasks and assignments can be overwhelming.

Remember however that we all are servants of the county school board, administration included. We all therefore have to answer to somebody along the chain of comman. It isn’t any easier for administration than it is for new teachers. In fact it often might be more difficult for administration, because they feel the same discouragement and thoughts of being overwhelmed as new teachers feel (but they’ve made a career out of it).

New teachers are still assessing whether or not they want to stay on for another year or two, or make a career out of being an educator. Administration also can feel like the bad guys on campus, always being demonized by kids, and inwardly feeling disliked by teachers.

Administration is just doing their job, not an easy job I might add. Yet they keep the school running orderly and daily. Therefore show some gratitude toward administration, lend a helping hand whenever you can, and be courteous.

I once stopped gossip in the employee lunch room being spread about my principal. I stuck up for her and mentioned I’d never had a problem with her. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and remind my peer teachers that her job is not easy.

It felt good to be positive and merciful. We all need that once in a while.

Show some mercy and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be thankful for adminstration new teachers for the job they have given you and the tasks they do so you can be sheltered from the many storms you never see, nor know of.

www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker and author of New Teachers Success Secrets – 101 Survival & Success Secrets

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Student Success Stories – Academic Success Secrets

If you have a compelling and telling story that you would like to share in Paul’s soon to be released book “Academic Success Secrets” kindly put it in an MS Word document and email it to Paul at RevivingNations@yahoo.com

In your email mention the document by name and agree to give Paul permission to edit and print it in his upcoming book. If Paul decides to use your submission, he will contact you beforehand to congratulate you and work with you on editing it before print.

Sincere thanks for taking the time to share your student success story and improve academic success throughout the world for every student.

www.PaulFDavis.com – worldwide speaker & author of 17 life-changing books


ps. Paul is usually traveling and writing. If he delays in replying to you this is why, or perhaps your email got directed to his spam inbox. Therefore after a week you might want to resend it if you have not heard back from him.

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College Student Success Secrets: Tolerance, Multiculturalism & Upholding Diversity Among Students

As the world further integrates and draws closer together technologically, environmentally, and economically it is paramount that college and university campus life be increasingly inclusive and honor the vast diversity of its student body.

Invite worldwide speaker and life-changing author Paul F. Davis to speak to your college students about success secrets, breakthrough leadership & overcoming adversity!

My global travels to six continents and over fifty countries has taught me more than I could ever have imagined to learn academically. As a former ESOL (English to Students of Other Languages) teacher who lived in Taiwan, I got a full taste of what the cross-cultural experience is about. Homesickness and culture shock are among the many challenges I faced living and working abroad.

Thankfully, I embraced the challenge and began to think living overseas was actually quite fun. Most of my family and friends thought I was crazy. Yet I truly embraced the experience and went from surviving to thriving in foreign countries. I guess by living abroad and being surrounded by things foreign, I came to trust my heart and instincts. After all, the intellect often does not know what to do with itself when there is no previous point of reference.

Cross-cultural and interpersonal interactions on foreign soil with people of whom you are little acquainted can either be challenging or taken as a joyous adventure to be celebrated. I took the posture and mindset of the latter, which resulted in me having some of the most joyous experiences throughout the world.

That being said, many colleges and universities today have hundreds if not thousands of international students living and attending classes on their campuses. Some colleges and universities are undoubtedly better than others when it comes to making international students feel welcome, celebrated, and a vital part of the academic community.

Here are some success secrets for college students to embrace multiculturalism, diversity, and happily show tolerance on their campus.

1. Meet and greet.

Take time to meet and greet new students. Instead of trying to size people up and guess what they are like, extend a hand of friendship and a smile to get to know someone new.

Remember what it was like for you when you first arrived at college or your university. It is certainly a bit intimidating and can be somewhat overwhelming.

2. Offer to help new students move in and get acquainted with your campus.

Disorientation and culture shock can frighten any of us, even moreso international students coming from afar. Therefore endeavor to be welcoming, kind, and hospitable. Offer to help new students move (or buy if necessary first) their belongings and furniture to their dorm or apartment. Kindly extend the invitation to take students around campus and show them where all the major facilities and student services can be found.

3. Invite new students to fun association, organization, and Greek life parties.

Make it fun for new students so they can relax and enjoy the experience of college / university life. Otherwise the natural tendency is to withdraw and go into seclusion. Isolation is not fun for anyone, not to mention when that happens we all miss out on the enjoyment of international students among us.

4. Be tolerant, respectful, and understanding of others differences.

Students here and from afar all have their own peculiarities, differences, and idiosyncracies. Be respectful, welcoming, polite, and tolerant no matter what differences might annoy or bother you. Allow people some space and freedom to be themselves.

Never try to force your views, ideology, or religion upon other people. That is the fastest way to make everybody feel uncomfortable and alienate future friends. Instead celebrate others’ differences and instead of trying to dissect and criticize their uniqueness, embrace and learn about it.

5. Cultivate meaningful and respectful understanding.

Although you may not agree with someone’s way of life or ideology, you can always grow in your respect and understanding of them as a person. Perhaps once you become closer and more acquainted, you can learn what circumstances and chain of events led a student to develop their views and be predisposed to their unique beliefs.

Life is a discovery process.

We all are forever learning. Be a lifelong learner and a welcoming individual who other students like being around. As you do, you years at college and university will be increasingly enjoyable and memorable.

Invite worldwide speaker and life-changing author Paul F. Davis to speak to your college students about success secrets, breakthrough leadership & overcoming adversity!

Paul is an exceptional and frequently requested speaker for college student success, leadership, orientations, and to kickoff college events.

Paul’s 17 life-changing books have landed him celebrity guest appearances on Fox News Radio, Investor’s Business Daily, and 3 times on Oprah & Friends.

After a 45 minute interview on Playboy Radio, Afternoon Advice host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an awesome relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Paul’s academic success & leadership secrets for college students are unparalleled and greatly empowering. Paul has a history of overcoming adversity, building bridges cross-culturally, cultivating diversity awareness, while empowering college students to discover their destiny and live their dreams.

A master in NLP & life coaching; Paul’s humorous, fun, playful and transformative messages graciously challenge college students to ask themselves hard questions and be their personal best.

Paul empowers people to love passionately, work together globally, and live their dreams fearlessly.


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