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New Teacher Success & Survival Secrets – What Principals & School Boards Don’t Tell You

As a new teacher I was eagerly hired with a smile by my principal, but thereafter treated much like a slave. The sudden shift in interpersonal approach was a bit of a shock. Nevertheless not expecting my employer to carry me, I happily moved forward to complete my job.

The school board after initial orientation never contacted me, nor kept in touch to see how I was doing. My school teaching mentor was more interested in her masters degree than helping me. When she finally got around to evaluate my lesson plans and provide suggestions, there were only a few weeks left in the school year.

As a new teacher you need to be extremely proactive and seek out help from your teaching mentor (often when you don’t even know you need help). By taking your work to your teaching mentor, asking questions, and being circumspect about every detail and facet of your teaching you are more likely to get the guidance you need (and discover areas for improvement).

Often teaching mentors are already overloaded with work, which means as a new teacher if you are not proactive and fail to seek them out, much of the helpful information they could potential impart and add to your career will never occur or be transferred.

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Enjoying “that time of the month” – 7 Survival Secrets

Fellows undoubtedly enjoy “that time of the month” or not? Guys no matter how the women in your life respond to “that time of the month” here is help for you. 7 easy secrets to save men during that time of the month.

1. Stay calm.

Some things are just beyond your control.

2. Be a bit emotionally detached.

You can’t change it, her body, alter her mood, nor effect her emotions anyhow.

3. Buy her flowers.

Women like flowers and they can look at them when you aren’t around.

4. Give her a hug.

Women like hugs and no talking is required.

5. Write a heartfelt card or letter to reassure her.

Women love sentimental and thoughtful notes reminding the  that you care.

6. Give her the necessary space she needs.

Work a bit late, go to the gym, or spend time with the guys. Sometimes you just need to give a woman some space.

7. Listen and take the heat.

Let her spout off at the mouth a bit and feel powerful. Even if she is being extremely annoying, just listening will allow her to unload al of her pent up emotional fury. Thereafter she will reflect when alone, come to herself, and apologize for being such a nuisance.

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