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Tiger Woods, Testosterone, Cheating and Winning Golf Championships

Some speculated after Tiger Woods lost the World Gold Championship that the tiger’s testerone levels were down. Understandably so as he had been spending a lot of time with his pregnant wife Elin and their two-year-old daughter. Furthermore in February Elin gave birth to a son.

Certainly one could surmise that all of this downtime on the homefront could deplete and diminish a man’s testosterone …or leave him feeling like a tiger in a cage ready to go conquer something (a golf tournament) or someone (a new lover). Let’s face it men are hunters and fishermen.

Perhaps hanging around his wife Elin and the babies took away Tiger’s competitive edge a bit as the seratonin and estrogen rubbing off on him led to lower testosterone levels.

It’s often mentioned that fathers experience lower testosterone levels following a baby’s birth. It’s testosterone that makes men have such a competitive drive and sexual prowess. Excessive steroid use therefore can make guys edgy and aggressive, hindering their focus driving them over the cliff.

Conversely lower testosterone levels make a man less aggressive, less driven and diminishes competitiveness.

Undoubtedly a man’s libido is tightly linked to his success in life. Hence kings of old left the eunuchs in charge of the treasury knowing that they had little testosterone and hormonal drive to feed their ego and libido.

The reverse is true with men with raging hormones and healthy testosterone. There is a drive to achieve and be sexually virile.

Tiger made a strong comeback in the latter part of the year winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Memorial Tournament, WGB-Bridgestone Invitational, BMW Championship and the 2009 Presidents Cup.

As much as we might not like to admit it, quite possibly all of Tiger’s womanizing helped resurrect his libido and competitive edge.

It’s a known fact after the birth of newborns mothers spend much of their focus on the children and the man often feels less than a king in his own castle.

Simply said it’s hard to play ball well without balls of your own. Moreover it’s a bit difficult to possess the drive to hit a homerun in the boardroom if you can’t hit a homerun first in the bedroom.

A woman can make or break a man by feeding and nurturing his sexuality. Alternatively ignoring a man’s sexual needs can frustrate him, making him feel like less of a man. Eventually this could lead to the tiger stalking other prey and pursuing other sexual exploits to regain his feeling of masculinity.

By no means does any of this justify or condone adulterous behavior. Certainly manhood is moreso found in keeping your vows of matrimony, conquering the ravenous tiger within, possessing self-control, loving and serving your family …and everything else a respectable man would be known for in society.

Yet it is wise, noteworthy and advantageous for men and women to understand the physical and emotional makeup of men and how we work. Like it or not, men are sexually wired and wild… which means we require a good woman in our lives to nurture our sexuality.

God the Creator of mankind said, “It is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18).

A divine connection with the Creator and an inward empowering from the Holy Spirit will help a man harness his flesh (see Romans 8:13; Zechariah 4:6). Otherwise he will self-destruct and be overtaken by his bodily appetites. Tiger did not even attend his own signature golf tournament he was scheduled to host when his marital struggles surfaced. So truly one’s private life affects public performance.

Self-mastery and accuracy on the golf course is one thing. Mastering one’s sexuality and manhood in marriage and fatherhood is another.

The Masters champ is growing into true manhood, but embracing and succeeding as a husband and father will take a whole new level of self-mastery.

To all the men of the world trying to tame the tiger within (including myself), I wish you Godspeed and spiritual empowerment to succeed.

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http://www.PaulFDavis.com – life coach for success, author and worldwide speaker

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