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Access America Travel Insurance Lies & Consumer Fraud

My travel insurance with Access America includes the following coverage, up to the limits shown.

Coverage limits
(USD per person unless noted otherwise)
Your trip is cancelled or interrupted
Trip Cancellation Protection $300.00
Trip Interruption Protection $1,500.00
You get sick or hurt while traveling
Emergency Medical and Dental Benefit $25,000.00
You’re delayed or you miss your flight or cruise
Travel/Trip Delay Coverage $500.00

Yet when for medical emergency I incurred expenses amounting to $223.25, Access America only reimbursed me $150.

The remaining $85.25 still needs to be paid and Access America is refusing to pay cleverly trying to re-read and reinterpret its contract to deny paying its customers.

Consumers should be forewarned to NOT use Access America as they are a fraudulent and deceptive insurance company.

Paul F Davis – world traveler, consumer advocate and author


info @ PaulFDavis.com

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Delta Airlines, Access America Travel Insurance Scam and Deception – Beware Delta Frequent Flyers

Delta sells travel insurance for which they receive an affiliate profit sharing percentage on their website when you buy an airline ticket.

The travel insurance is provided for by Access America and is intentionally designed to lead the consumer to believe if anything goes wrong due to flight interruptions and/or medical emergency that you are fully covered.

Not so! When a medical emergency occurred on our plane from Rome to JFK (New York City) on October 23rd, 2009 our plane was rerouted to Newfoundland, Canada for four hours. Upon finally arriving four hours late in JFK, I missed my connection to Orlando, Florida.

I remained hopeful considering I bought the $25 travel insurance through Delta and Access America.

I incurred $225 in hotel and travel expenses as a result of having to spend the night in New York and getting a rental car in Orlando, Florida (because my wife was to pick me up on Friday October 23rd and had plans on October 24th).

I therefore had to get a rental car and paid for a hotel and takeout food in New York… all amounting to $225.

Access America however only gave me $150 …far less than a hotel in New York City (where Delta is based and headquartered) costs per night.

Travel Insurance through Delta and Access America is deceptive and a scam if they have no intentions of fully reimbursing, they should not portray and purport such when selling you their travel insurance product.

Consumers be forwarned the travel insurance at $25 is not worth it considering it doesn’t even cover you for a hotel in New York or major cities across the world, where hotels cost $200 a night and more.

http://www.PaulFDavis.com – consumer advocate

info @ PaulFDavis.com

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