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UnChristian – Unchristian Perception of Christian Hypocrisy

I wrote this poem today after giving some thought as to how the world perceives Christ’s church often as being unchristian and given to hypocrisy. The love of Christ sadly sometimes is not adequately expressed, revealed, and shown by we who call ourselves Christian.



UnChristian believers

A sad paradox indeed

These who do believe

In the Christ who did bleed

The Christ who was crucified

The Christ who painfully died

The Christ who gave His all

So the lost could open their eyes

So the bruised could truly realize

Unconditional love and acceptance

Understanding without prejudice

An inconceivable concept for some

Causing conservatives to come undone

Offending the homophobes quickly

This Jesus who died for you and me

Violating Pharisees traditional theology

Zealots salivating for conversions

Preaching repent with an aversion

To loving, lifting, and liberating

An alienated soul who is hurting

The self-righteous seek conversion

The preacher a big fat offering

The minister a mighty testimony

But as for Christ the gentle Savior

Just open loves welcoming door

Tenderly embrace every precious soul

Regain your love for humanity stole

By methods, merchandizing & criticizing

Dear God, we have foolishly strayed!

Holy Spirit burn our hearts today!

Come afesh and prepare the way!

Remove all obstacles in the way

Our pride, arrogance, and evil

Self-absorbed religion is feeble.

We feasted, become fat and played

Causing our God’s love to be delayed

Our pious efforts have produced little

Full of ourselves we bite and nibble

Devouring one another for a quibble

Majoring painfully upon the minors

To daily alienate the dying masses

When it is all hypocritcally said and done

Our life dwindles and suddenly passes

Our rigidity toward life is old-fashioned

Problematically frigid without solution

Mesmerized by political platforms

Full of rhetoric and empty promises

Engulfed by lies we seek to be right

Deluded and deceived without sight

Our vision perishing with our souls

Illogical, presumptuous know-it-alls

Forever angry, antigay, and antichoice

For anything anti we quickly lift our voice

Distracting and diverting God’s love

Our message we push and shove

Brutally force feed a nauseus nation

If it’s not like us we call it Satan

Yet we support war and militarism

Curiously calling it good against evil

My only question is what side are we on?

Could possibly it be we who are far gone?

Nevertheless Christ the Prince of peace

Quietly and patiently waits for His church

To humbly hear, pursue, and earnestly search

For the gracious heart of God once again

Jesus the Savior, sinners’ very best friend.



by Paul F. Davis – worldwide minister and author of Poems That Propel The Planet & God vs. Religion



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