Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

Next time you or someone you know needs help writing a business letter, contact me. My grandmother made me write thank you letters after my birthday and Christmas from my childhood and my grandfather (a retired Army Lt. Colonel) emphasized the importance of learning how to type when I entered high school (as he served as a secretary to Army Generals and moved up the ranks that way before the days when women were in the military). Since then my writing skills have served me well, enabling me to earn 4 Master degrees with honors and author 80 books.

I would be honored to assist you in writing effective business letters. My business writing comes with unlimited edits until you are completely satisfied and approve of my work.

Among the many types of letters I write are:
– Resumes
– Cover Letters
– Business Proposals
– Fundraising
– Marketing & Sales
– Government Affairs
– Client Relations
– Claims
– Collections
– Complaints
– Authorization
– Acceptance
– Announcement
– Apology
– Appreciation
– Advice
– Applications
– Essays & References
– Personal Statements
– Invitations
– Persuasion
– Sympathy
– Conflict Resolution
– Resignation
– Wrongful Termination
– Workman’s Compensation
– Personal Injury
– Malpractice
– Real Estate
– Trademark/Copyright
– Cease and Desist
– Employee Rights
– Demand Letter
– Settlement Agreement
– Divorce Agreement
– Child Custody
– Defense Rebuttal

Paul F. Davis is a licensed International Educator who taught English for more than 8 years. Paul is a UCLA trained and certified University and Career Counselor. Paul has written more than 80 books and earned 4 Master degrees with honors.
– Educational Leadership (University of Texas)
– Global Affairs (New York University)
– International Law (Michigan State College of Law)
– Health (University of Alabama)

Business Letter Writer for Excellence and Success

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