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Focus – Fight For Your Focus Daily

Focus is something you must be acutely aware of every minute of the day. So often people are quick to dump on, interrupt us, and complain about meaningless things. Before you know it, they’ve depleted your energy and burned an hour of your day …if not more considering the level of exhaustion you feel after leaving their presence. Hence your productivity is destroyed and your focus broken.

Guard your heart and avoid emotional frenzies caused by turbulent and tormentuous individuals whose lives are in disarray. They find meaning in hearing themselves talk and complain. Ironic, agonizing, but true it is. These folks are like leeches and parasites that suck the life right out of you.

Wisely guard your time and the daily interactions you have with people. Handpick those you allow access to you. Otherwise many thieves and dream killers will surface in your life to waste your time and break your focus. – worldwide speaker, life-changing author, and executive consultant

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