CCC Valuescope and USAA withhold Vehicles Histories in CCC Report Given Insured

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When USAA insured customer Paul F Davis asked USAA for the histories of the vehicles being used on the CCC report to calculate / compare and compute his car’s value, Davis received an unusual denial and revealing reply:

“We do not request vehicle history for the vehicles listed in CCC.  The vehicles listed are a small sampling of many vehicles used to establish the value.  Some vehicles are actually inspected by CCC or the dealer before being published on the report.  The vehicles listed may still be for sale or have already sold.” — USAA Claims Service Director Chris Gonzalez

Davis in turn immediately replied:

July 28 2008

Dear Mr. Chris Gonzalez,

“…Although USAA does not request vehicle history for the vehicles listed in the CCC report, I am requesting such as your insured to whom you have a fiduciary duty. Anything less I shall deem a breach of said duty.

As a matter of policy for USAA to withhold the vehicles histories that they use to compare to the vehicle they are attempting to value and replace is highly suspect and very deceptive.”

Paul F Davis

Please join with me to file a class action lawsuit against USAA and big insurance companies withholding the full history of vehicles used on the CCC report.  Many of these vehicles on my report in particular had over 20 records each on the VIN numbers of the vehicles given, several even exceeded 30 reports – a clear indication these vehicles may have been in numerous accidents, collisions, used as rental cars, etc.

What is there to hide when you are being honest? But if you are not, you don’t want your dirty little secrets to come out in the wash, nor be seen in the light of day.

Let’s come together people and expose USAA’s breach of contract as it withholds vital information from its insured, violating its fiduciary duty to its insured paying customers.

Paul F Davis




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